Eddie Heywood

Eddie Heywood (1893-1942) was a pianist, arranger, lyricist, and composer. Having studied at the Boston Conservatory of Music, he became the house pianist at the 81 Theatre on Decatur Street.

In June 1923, he played piano on Lucille Bogan’s recording of “The Pawn Shop Blues” – the first blues record made outside of New York or Chicago.

He later traveled to New York and Chicago, recording over 100 songs for Okeh Records. These included solos as well as accompaniments for artists like Sara Martin, Martha Copeland, and Butterbeans & Susie.

He performed in major cities across the United States and Canada, including at many integrated shows. He regularly returned to Atlanta for shows and for a time managed a night club on Auburn Avenue.

Today he is mostly remembered for training his son – Eddie, Jr. – who also became an accomplished pianist and composer.