Warner’s Seven Aces

photograph of Warner’s Seven Aces

Warner’s Seven Aces were an Atlanta-based dance band organized by Byron Warner, an Emory graduate, in May 1922. They were the country’s second “radio orchestra,” performing for the Atlanta Constitution’s radio station – WGM. They regularly performed at the Capital City Club and the Piedmont Driving Club.

Six tracks recorded by the band were released in the United States on the Okeh label. Four of them were also released in Germany on the Lindström label, and one was released in Great Britain on the Parlophone label.

The double-sided “In a Tent” / “Eddie Steady” record was listed as Okeh’s best-selling dance record in the New York Sunday News on August 5, 1923 and “Mean Eyes (Too Late Blues)” / “Lonesome Lovesick Got-to-Have-My-Daddy Blues” was listed as such on October 7, 1923.

Warner later sang opera in Italy and New York before returning to Georgia to serve as the vocal director at the University of Georgia.

Byron H. Warner – director and piano
Thomas M. Brannon, Jr. – trumpet
J. E. Pritchett, Jr. – saxophone
Joe R. Hudson – drums and xylophone
Bob Pittman – banjo
Ralph W. Bennett – violin
C. J. Buckner – clarinet and saxophone